Top 5 Films To Watch This Week

Success in the face of adversity, violence, vengeance and the unintended consequences of a forgotten past this week as we take you on a cinematic trip around the world, back in time and into the not to distant future...
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Saturday 8th September

Inexplicably imprisoned in a room for 15 years, a very confused man is just as inexplicably released. Seeking answers, he exacts bloody vengeance with a hammer, shows his distain for life by eating a live octopus and finds hope of redemption in the love of a beautiful woman. Chan-wook Park’s visceral revenge thriller OLDBOY plays at 11pm on Film4.


Condemned to life as second class citizen, Ethan Hawke refused to accept his predetermined genetic limitations and through pure force of will battles through the obstacles of a near future world concerned only with a persons official potential. Beautifully filmed, pristinely realised and gorgeously scored by Michael Nyman GATTACA airs at 11pm on Sky1. (repeated Sun 9th at 9pm on Sky2, Tuesday 11th at 10pm on Sky1 and Thursday 13th at 9pm on Sky2.)

Monday 10th September

The harsh goings on, the institutionalised racism and violent bullying of a failed system is explored in a British classic when Ray Winstone stars in the terrifying borstal drama SCUM at 10pm on ITV4. The sharp eyed might be able to spot Danny John Jules of Red Dwarf fame amongst the youngsters. (Repeated at 11:15pm on Thursday 13th.)

Tuesday 11th September

Sean Connery, demoted for insubordination, is sent to a WWII north African military prison camp where a sadistic prison officer draws cowardly schadenfreude by breaking the resolve of his prisoners. Classic war drama from Sidney Lumet- THE HILL plays at 6:40pm on TCM (free on most Virgin and Sky packages- up near Film4)

Friday 14th September

A failed robbery causes broad ranging, deep and unexpected fall out for a family in small town America. Raising uncomfortable themes and examining the fine detail of the consequences of brutality- Viggo Mortensen, Ed Harris and Maria Bello star in David Cronenberg’s A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE at 11:05pm on Film4.

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