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This week we bring you demonic possession, family strife, trouble consciences, religious splits and reawakened love in this weeks top 5 films on TV. As ever, if you would like daily tips for the best films on TV follow us on Twitter @topfilmtip
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Saturday 15th September

Al Pacino struggles with the morally grey consequences of his actions when he investigates a gruesome murder under the unending Alaskan daylight. Christopher Nolan's least well known work INSOMNIA airs on Sky1 at 9pm. (Repeated at 9pm Sky2 Sunday 16th / 10pm Sky1 on Tuesday 18th and 9pm Sky2 on Thursday 20th.)


Religious and political divides open up in a Muslim family during the beginnings of the social upheaval of 1970s Bangladesh. Cleverly using the family unit as a mirror to wider Bangladeshi society and incorporating beautiful cinematography and colour pallets, THE CLAY BIRD is a rare treat indeed. Catch it at 0110 am on Channel 4.

Sunday 16th September

A young man, and air to the family business, is snookered by obligation and guilt after his brother beats him to the punch in coming-out at an important family event. Idiosyncrasies, prejudice and love all come to a head in fascinating Italian gem LOOSE CANNONS at 10pm on BBC4 (repeated at 0030 am BBC4 on Monday 17th)

Tuesday 18th September

A solitary truck driver finds his forgotten emotions stirred after he is asked to transport a new mother and baby 1500 miles across South America. Stunning scenery and subtle character in speechless road movie LAS ACACIAS 1125 pm on Film4

Wednesday 19th September

A young girl wins a new friend after playing with an old magical board game in her cellar when vomit spewing, profanity spouting, head twisting, utterly terrifying horror classic THE EXORCIST airs at 10pm on ITV4.

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