Top 5 Films To Watch This Week

A varied mix of cinematic treats this week as we bring you swashbuckling, TKD comedy, world changing inspiration, stunning imagination and fateful gangsterism.


Saturday 22nd September

Errol Flynn lets arrows fly, steals from the rich, gives to the poor and protects the rightful honour of the Crown in the iconic, ever enjoyable 1938 swashbuckling classic THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD at 2:35pm on Channel5.


Danny McBride starts to form the integral cocksure characteristics and near sighted failures of Eastbound And Down’s Kenny Powers when he loses his wife to his hero in Tae Kwon Do comedy THE FOOT FIST WAY at 2:20am on Film4.

Sunday 23rd September

The uniquely inspiring true story of an international icon and civil rights legend is explored as one great man uses non-violence to change the world forever in GANDHI at 3pm on Yesterday.

Tuesday 25th September

Suicidal artistry, lifelong loneliness & irreligious crusading as three disparate, esoteric narratives slowly coalesce into a visionary fantasy in British masterpiece FRANKLYN at 9pm on Film4.

Friday 28th September

Deliberately juxtaposing Scarface, Brian De Palma and Al Pacino reunite for a heartfelt tragedy when a successful ex-con is dragged back into a life he desperately wants to leave leave behind in CARLITO’S WAY 11pm on ITV4.

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