Top Film Tip's Best Films Of This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from Drug Dealing British youth to soul shattering anime in @TopFilmTip's best films of TV this week.
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Saturday 7th

Stirring score and sports cinematography as the incongruous line up of Sly Stallone, Michael Caine and Pele team up for the career interrupting treat ESCAPE TO VICTORY at 2:35pm on ITV4.

Sunday 8th

Drug dealer Riz Ahmed and his callow friend spend a night dodging crazed addicts and evading double crosses in top British crime film SHIFTY at 11:15pm on BBC2.


After losing Control, an ex-spy must weed out a double agent from the Circus and expose Witchcraft within MI5's midst in TINKER TAYLOR SOLDIER SPY at 9pm on Channel4.


A childless lawless / lawful couple steal a baby in Coen Bros anarchic, desert set, banjo themed comedy and ode to joy RAISING ARIZONA at 11pm on TCM.

Monday 9th

An asylum inmate might just be from another world in philosophical, allegorical tale of loss and hope, faith and knowledge K-PAX at 6:40pm on Film4.

Tuesday 10th

Sly Stallone ends the cold war by sacrificing a friend to “high-tec” Russian ‘roid abuser, then bludgeoning him for sport on TV in ROCKY IV at 10pm on 5USA,


Four siblings awaiting their mother's funeral find humour in grief. Carefully crafted & wryly written Glaswegian gem ORPHANS at 01:30am on Film4.

Wednesday 11th

Orphaned by war, a boy cares for his 4 year old sister in the heartbreakingly beautiful and soul shatteringly tragic tale of the fragility of life GRAVE OF THE FIRE FLIES at 01:20am on Film4.

Thursday 12th

Visionary, truish biopic regarding the rock star of the classical world when the lavish, hilarious and moving treat AMADEUS plays at 11:45pm on BBC1


Blame and consequence as Werner Herzog interviews a death row murderer his victim's family to question reasons people kill when INTO THE ABYSS at Film4.

Friday 13th

Steve McQueen barely speaks yet still excels as an insignificant man going against a system set to break him when prison classic PAPILLON airs at 11:05pm on BBC2.