Top Film Tip’s Best Films On TV This Week

This week's TV promises offerings from Ridley Scott, Quentin Tarantino and Sean Penn, so why would you watch anything else?
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from exquisite vengeance to prosaic penis exposition in TopFilmTip's best films on TV. As ever you can follow @TopFilmTip on Twitter for daily tips for great films on TV.

Also, if you live in London and want to watch The Big Lebowski for free whilst enjoying the company of other Little Lebowski Urban Achievers- get your self down to The Boogaloo in Highgate on Monday 30th September at 7:30pm.

Saturday 21st

Unlikely father figure Denzel Washington finger chops and bum bombs his way to justice in Tony Scott's stylish revenger MAN ON FIRE at 11:25pm on Channel4

Sunday 22nd

Remorseful hallucinations & musical sensations as blind, wrist-judging R&B prodigy survives drugs and fame to widespread acclaim in RAY at 9pm on ITV3


Mysterious, malevolent Media mogul’s life is explored in loss of innocence lamenting masterwork and unbettered classic CITIZEN KANE at 9pm on BBC4.


Suicidal artistry, lifelong loneliness and irreligious crusading as three esoteric stories coalesce in the visionary fantasy FRANKLYN at 01:45am on Film4.

Tuesday 24th

Philosophical yet flawed graduate donates all his assets and begins a journey of self and selfless discovery in Sean Penn's matchless marvel INTO THE WILD at 10:55pm on Film4.

Thursday 26th

Replicant hunting detective falls for his prey and learns empathy from his enemy in Ridley Scott's visionary classic BLADE RUNNER at 10pm on BBC4.

Friday 27th

Prosaic penis exposition, tall toilet tales and consequence of violence frame elegant, eloquent neo-noir perfection RESERVOIR DOGS 11pm on Channel 5