Top Film Tip: The Best 5 Films On TV This Week

Ever find that there are hundreds of TV channels you never watch and reams of films you've never seen? Well here's a handy film guide for the week ahead...
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Sunday 22nd July

Congolese criminals rip off the big boss- cue fistfights, lesbian nuns & shoot outs in this slick, sexy and stylish African gangster treat - VIVA RIVA! - 11:40pm - Film4

Monday 23rd July

An unemplyed cellist finds gradual enlightenment & poignant insights into life & death when he starts a new job preparing bodies for funeral rites. A genuinely moving and tender Japanese comedy drama - DEPARTURES - 01:05am - Film4

Wednesday 25th July

An amnesiac awakens to a dead body, telepathic strangers & an impossible enigma in the nocturnal, atmospheric brain twisting thriller - DARK CITY - 11:10pm - TCM

Friday 27th July

Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard & Harrison Ford starr when four friends face the future in one night of drag racing & girl chasing. George Lucas's seminal coming of age gem - AMERICAN GRAFFITI - 02:35am - ITV1


The unbelievable true story of the greatest heavy metal band who almost made it. Don't miss the ups and downs, fights and failures, victories and vindications in this incredible rockumentary - ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL - 11:15pm - BBC4

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