Top Film Tip: The Best 5 Films On TV This Week

Top Film Tip is back with another great guide to the best movies on the small screen this week, and not a Batmobile in site...
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True to our word, this week we bring you hidden gems, lesser-known treats and an all time classic – and each one from a varied branch of Asian cinema. So, there is something for all tastes & sensibilities in this week’s Top Film Tip top 5 films on TV…

Saturday 28th July

An animated treat for kids and adults alike in the beautifully imaginative, sweet & heartfelt family film regarding a boy & a magical fish whose unlikely friendship will charm all. PONYO airs at  3:10pm on Film4 (repeated at 4:45pm in Wednesday 1st August)


Based on Chinese historical events akin to the Spartan stand at Thermopylae - Outnumbered a hundred fold, a few thousand soldiers, led by a master strategist, do battle on land and sea. A million soldiers go to war in John Woo's jaw dropping military epic- RED CLIFF at 11:10pm on Channel 4

Sunday 29th July

A Non-linear narrative explores and examines the complex and nuanced motives behind a furious Japanese serial killer in VENGEANCE IS MINE at 1am on SkyArts1

Wednesday 1st August

Bruce Lee teaches the art of fighting without fighting, then fights everyone on an island in his last & most iconic film- ENTER THE DRAGON at 9pm on TCM (Repeated on Friday 3rd August at 11:20pm on ITV4)

Sharp eyed kung fu fans might be able to spot Sammo Hung sparring with Bruce Lee at the beginning of the film and Jackie Chan getting his neck broken by Bruce Lee in a cavern later on.

Friday 3rd August

Animation to awe you and a brain bending plot that would amaze Philip K Dick as a detective must catch a dream-hacking anarchist. The astonishingly imaginative & deftly realised Jungian masterpiece- PAPRIKA plays at 11:10pm on Film4

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