Top Film Tip: The Best 5 Films On TV This Week

Surely Top Film Tip hasn't gone and picked out the very best 5 films on TV this week yet again? Well they have. And don't call me Shirley..
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True to our name, this week we bring you five top films encompassing comedy, gangsters, Kung Fu, bonkers plot lines and heart breaking drama. As always, if you want more tips for free films every day follow us on Twitter @topfilmtip.

Saturday 25th August

A traumatised man faces his fear of flying, tries to win back his girlfriend and provides an airborne vehicle for more one liners, slapstick & parody than you could shake an inflatable co-pilot at. Timeless comedy classic



at 9pm

 on Sky1, (Repeated

Sunday 26th at 10pm

 on Sky2, 

Monday 27th at 10pm

 on Sky1 and 

Thursday 30th at 9pm

on Sky2.)


Deftly displaying the astonishing levels of agility, martial skills and comedy timing of his physical prime, Jackie Chan is on top form as he learns secret styles in order to stop an assassin (Jang Lee Hwang – The Christopher Lee of Kung Fu films) from killing his dad. Exceptional Hong Kong classic DRUNKEN MASTER plays 

at 8:30pm

 on SyFy.

Monday 27th August

A powerful tale of an impoverished, illiterate African


girl who has spent her life mentally and physically abused by her mum and sexually abused by her father. The story, which is based on true but separate real lives, follows the title character as she attempts to free herself and her child from the tyrannical yoke of her parents and better her life. The moving and heart breaking drama PRECIOUS airs 

at 10:30pm

 on BBC2.

Tuesday 28th August

An utterly bonkers, inexplicably bizarre, idiosyncratic, charismatic four hour epic treat as a young man finds the only way to connect to his religious father is to sin. And in finding new sins to commit encounters a girl, who mistakes him for a woman, who she then proceeds to fall in love with. Still with us? Covering jealousy, family obligation, acrobatic up-skirts mobile phone photography and unrequited love- this is truly a film the likes of which you will never see again. Unique Japanese


drama LOVE EXPOSURE airs 

at 11:05pm

 on Film4.

Friday 31st August

Gangsters, crooked cops, undercover agents and utterly compelling performances as Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg,

Leonardo DiCaprio

, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson join forces for the Oscar winning remake of Infernal Affairs THE DEPARTED 

at 9pm

 on More4.

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