Top Film Tip's 5 Best Films On TV, 4th-10th August

A face-off between Pacino and De Niro and a classic modern biopic are the pick of this weeks films on the box...
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This week we bring you a broad selection of treats for all cinematic tastes. If you would like more tips like these try following us on Twitter @topfilmtip.


Saturday 4th August

A looser step son engages in stupidly dangerous stunts for money- so that he can buy his step dad, Ian McShane, a heart transplant- in order to fight him fair & square- thus earning his respect.And people say truth is stranger than fiction! Worth watching for the Footloose parody alone- Top comedy HOTROD airs at 9pm on E4 (repeated on Friday 10th at 9pm on E4)


Chewing up the scenery like a hungry bulldozer, Al Pacino finds a strange synergy with his restrained criminal nemesis Robert De Niro when the two method acting titans of cinema star in Michael Mann’s action packed, cops & robbers masterpiece HEAT at 11:15pm on Channel4


Love tears a man apart in the dark & moving muso-biopic regarding Ian Curtis, the front man of Joy Division in CONTROL at 01:35am on Film4

Sunday 5th August

A Bullied, impoverished teenager is duped into slave labour by a creepy foreign drunkard before winning a hot girl’s heart by publicly kicking a posh bully in the face. Outstanding 80’s classic THE KARATE KID plays at 4:20pm on Channel 5

Friday 10th August

A group of sceptics and believers spend the night in a thoroughly freaky house in one of the most influential, terrifying & metaphorical horrors of all time. We promise that after watching this film you will never, ever, sleep with your hands outside the covers again! THE HAUNTING runs at 11:05pm on TCM

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