Top Film Tip's 5 Best Films On TV This Week

Sick of missing great films every week? Then this guide should help...


Another week- another batch of cinematic treats. This week we have chosen a mix of classics from your formative years and a few new school-ers you might have missed in the last few years. As ever, if you want to watch more great films for free, every day, follow us on Twitter @topfilmtip

Saturday 11th August

Beginning with a newly incarcerated Franco-Muslim youth and telling the story of his unlikely rise to power inside & out of the prison system, this film with leave you utterly astounded. Running some loose parallels to a certain historical figure it doesn't shy away from controversy whilst remaining true to its premise of raising uncomfortable social questions, delivering Scarface levels of violence and still exploring the human side of criminality. The new French masterpiece A PROPHET plays at 11:50pm on Channel4

Sunday 12th August

A serial killer is on the loose, indiscriminately eating their victims alive and only a marine scientist, a drunk fisherman & a burned out cop can stop him. Exceptionally innovative, shockingly bloody and endlessly quotable- JAWS airs at 9pm on ITV4 (repeatedWednesday 15th august at 10pm)


Check out a very young Martha Plimpton (Raising Hope) & Sean Astin (Lord Of The Rings) braving gangsters, bullies, booby traps and dead pirates in everyone’s favourite 1980’s kids classic THE GOONIES at 1750 on Channel 5

Wednesday 15th August

A couples guilt over the accidental death of their child leads them into to a maddening decent which will sicken you to the core of your soul. Making Hard Candy look like Blue Peter- Lars Von Trier’s grotesquely horrifying film ANTICHRIST plays at 11pm on Film4.

Thursday 16th August

After a medical experiment goes wrong a Korean priest becomes a vampire, is then worshiped by his flock before uncontrollably lusting for blood & sex. Visceral horror from the director of the live octopus eating, hammer fighting revenge classic Old Boy, Chan-Wook Park when THIRST runs at 10:50pm on Film4.

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