Top Film Tip's 5 Best Movies On TV This Week

Paddy at his brutal best, Robert Downey Jr. mixed up in a bizarre murder plot and Ewan McGregor in a Scottish Sc-Fi; here are the best of this week’s TV films…


This week we take you on a cinematic journey through philosophical what-ifs, awkward teenage awakenings, the grim and gritty lives of the downtrodden, the colourful underworld of L.A. and the complexities of gay love. As ever, if you would like daily tips for films on TV you can follow us on Twitter @TopFilmTip, and if you want to join in with sporadic banter, bollocks and bullshitting you can follow us on our new sibling feed @TopFilmChat.


Saturday 10th of November-

Self-definition, loss and worldly appreciation at the fore as a devastating plague takes the humanity from humanity. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green star in palpable, anti-solipsistic, Scottish set Sci-Fi PERFECT SENSE at 10:45pm on BBC2.


Sunday 11th of November-

Insecurity and idiosyncrasy, first love and first loss. Richard Ayoade's exceptionally moving coming of age comedy drama SUBMARINEplays at 9pm on Film4.


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Tuesday 13th of November- A belligerent, rage fuelled drunk forms a redemptive friendship with a brutalised woman in Paddy Considine’s ugly, semi-autobiographical gem TYRANNOSAUR at 11:05pm on Film4.


Thursday 15th of November- Robert Downey Jr. stumbles through a convoluted world of gay detectives, criminals and film producers in neo-noir treat KISS KISS, BANG BANG at 11:30pm on ITV2.



Two lonely men find meaning and emotional security through unexpected, authentic intimacy in the stunning, naturalistic and insightful indie drama WEEKEND at 11:10pmon Film4.

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