Top Film Tip's 5 Best Movies On TV This Week

Zombies, detectives and in-the-closet fisherman; here are the best of this week's TV films...
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from the beginning of the end, via closeted Peruvian ghosts, into the scandalous world of L.A. noir, past a monster infested desert and finishing up with an unhinged Jack Nicholson bender. As ever, if you would like daily tips for free films on TV you can follow us on Twitter @TopFilmTip and/or join the banter at @TopFilmChat.

Saturday 17th

Newscast apocalypse, fractious strangers & social subtext. Witness end of the world & start of a genre in George Romero’s first Zombie Film NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD at the preposterous time of 02:25am on BBC2.

Sunday 18th

Superb acting and gorgeous backdrops as a secretly-gay Peruvian fisherman’s dead lover returns from the dead to resolve the rocky remains of their relationship in atypical drama UNDERTOW at 10:15pm on BBC4.


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Wednesday 21st

Private eye Jack Nicholson follows his detective instincts into the murky world of water corruption in nose knifing, smart snooping, twisty L.A. noir CHINATOWN at 9pm on Film4.

Friday 23rd

Desert dudes dodge deadly onslaught of enormous underground graboids in classic pole-vaulting, bulldozing, dynamiting, basement gunning, splattery creature feature TREMORS at 9pm on ITV4. (Probably worth recording, then fast forwarding through the inevitable hour of adverts endemic to ITV4.)


Drunken shenanigans, prostitution & tentative camaraderie when Jack Nicholson escorts a pettily condemned young sailor to military prison in lesser known treat THE LAST DETAIL at 11:15pm on Film4.

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