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Top Film Tip's 5 Best Movies On TV This Week

Metaphysical anime, alien body snatchers and an elderly Korean woman's investigation into a murder; here are the best of this week's TV films...
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from dystopian fraternity, to the freezing fear of head spiders, via animated unexpected accidental friendship, to the lengths a woman will go to for her son and finishing up in the lesser seen world of impoverished America. As ever, if you would like daily tips for great films on TV you can follow us on Twitter @TopFilmTip and/or @TopFilmChat for banter, sporadic tweet-alongs and tips for films that aren’t on TV, but might one day be.


Saturday 1st December-

Two divergent and mutually dependent street kids protect their urban slum from a relentless evil onslaught in the brain twisting, emotionally raw, metaphysical, visionary anime masterwork TEKKONKINKREET at 01:25am on Film4.

Sunday 2nd December-


Fear and suspicion run riot in the Antarctic wastes as an alien body snatcher seizes corporeal control of an all male outpost. Flame throwing, dog tentacled, spider headed horror classic THE THING plays at 11:30pm on ITV4.

Tuesday 4th December-


Spanning alcoholism, depression and mental illness; the strangest, funniest and most gorgeous tale of a friendship between an Aussie girl & a middle aged autistic New Yorker ever made- the dually dark & thoroughly uplifting MARY AND MAX playsat 01:10am on Film 4.

Wednesday 5th December-


Aurally and visually luscious Korean drama unfolds when an elderly woman attempts to prove her easily led, simple son’s innocence in top murder mystery and emotionally provocative hidden gem MOTHER at 01:15am on Channel 4.



A retired oilman, an aspiring athlete/gangland survivor and a bipolar kid give insight into the troubled yet joyous lives of impoverished Americans in the stunning documentary BOMBAY BEACH at 11:50pm on Film 4.