Top Film Tip's 5 Best Movies On TV This Week

On the box this week you can enjoy rock 'n' roll yakuzas, an animated war documentary and a Czech love pentagon.
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from limb loping, to vengeful husbands, via the psychological trauma of warfare, stoping over with Czech sex and finishing up with some Aussie crims.

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Saturday 15th

Pussy wagons, Vaseline, rock n roll yakuza, limb ownership disputes, anime flashback and revenge in samurai homage fest KILL BILL: VOL1 runs at 10pm on BBC3. And if that wasnt enough- Join us for our 1st birthday celebration with a drunken Kill Bill tweet along hosted by @TopFilmChat at #killbillTFT


Sunday 16th

A bereaved husband goes on run after killing cops to blindly avenge his dead wife. But when he is captured in the woods, complications coalesce and the roles of predator and prey slip. Dark Iranian drama THE HUNTER plays at 11pm on BBC4.


Monday 17th

A man seeks many missing memories but finds instead giant swimming women, raging packs of dogs and psychological breaks as the traumatic effects of war on soldiers are examined. Evocative and innovative Israeli animation WALTZ WITH BASHIR plays at 01:35am on Film4.


Tuesday 18th

The intricacies and intimacies of a mid-revolution Czech love pentagon are explored in delicate and delectable philosophical sex gem THE UNBEARABLE LIGHTNESS OF BEING at 11:35pm on BBC1.


Thursday 19th

Loyalty and self preservation clash as an orphaned teen moves in with his criminal cousins in the critically acclaimed Aussie gangster treat ANIMAL KINGDOM at 10:45pm on Film4.