Top Film Tip's 5 Best Movies On TV This Week

This week on TV, you can see what life is like inside a tank during a war and a confidence-sapped Danny McBride as a black-belt sporting Tae Kwon Do expert who is struggling with marital problems.
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from the essence of artistic ability to a black hole of greed, from the contributions of all to the fear of the few and from the inevitable failure of our heroes to the sheer lunacy of an unhindered Marlon Brando in this weeks top 5 Films on TV.

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Saturday 19th

A compulsive videographer makes an awful documentary, takes Banksy's advice to heart and possibly ruins world of art when EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP plays at the incongruous time of 01:15am on Channel4.


How Marlon Brando Invented Rock'n'Roll

Banksy: An Acceptable Level Of Threat?

Sunday 20th

The English society of World War 2 is explored at all levels of class strata via the life of a Naval warship, from its birth in the docks to its death on the ocean floor. Noel Coward & David Lean’s fascinating film IN WHICH WE SERVE plays at 8pm on BBC4.


Four Israeli soldiers view awful realities of war from inside confines of their tank. Based on director Samuel Moaz's personal experience of the conflict, the politically metaphorical, claustrophobic anti-war wonder LEBANON airs at 10:50pm on BBC4.

Wednesday 23rd

Danny McBride (of East Bound and Down fame) breaks every tenet of his Tae Kwon Do creed as he endures consequences of meeting his idol in utterly inspired comedy THE FOOT FIST WAY at 11:10pm on Film4.

Friday 25th

Horse thief gang leader and virgin chaser Jack Nicholson is mercilessly harassed by the unhinged, perversely psychopathic, dandy Marlon Brando in unusual western treat MISSOURI BREAKS at 9pm on ITV4.