Top Film Tip's 8 Best TV Movies Of The Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from inspirational Africa to splaterfest mid west, artistic obsession to premonition punk rock, aggressive adultery to hirsute Pacino and from sharp satire to forbidden love...
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Saturday 16th

Three Rwandan kids cross 3000 miles of a continent to witness the World Cup, broaching aids and poverty with humour and heart along the way in the innovative and uplifting AFRICA UNITED at 10pm on BBC2.

Sunday 17th

Desert dudes dodge deadly onslaught of enormous underground graboids in bulldozing, dynamiting, pole vaulting, splattery creature feature TREMORS at 9pm on ITV4.


A prostitute painting artist riles an Inquisitor who begins a tragic, life long infatuation with a Jewish girl in the morally ambiguous high brow treat GOYA'S GHOST at 01:35am on Film4.

Monday 18th

Pre-emptive punks record a song to one day, somehow, save all humanity from a meteor apocalypse in the utterly bonkers, non-linear, genre shattering marvel FISH STORY at11:15pm on Film4.

Wednesday 20th

Cracking comedy drama with a stellar cast as air traffic controllers bump more than just heads. Extraordinary, character driven indie gem PUSHING TIN plays at 02:10am on Channe


Scenery chewing, face blasted, bearded hippy cop Al Pacino battles New York's police corruption in Sidney Lumet's SERPICO at 9pm on Film4.


Recycled lilacs, underage sex and unending rewrites as a film crew descend on cause chaos in a sleepy town. David Mamet's razor sharp comedy STATE AND MAIN plays at 01:50 on Comedy Central Extra.

Friday 22nd

A timid Irish priest discovers a deep and unexpected love with a warm but broken woman, causing his life to unravel in the lesser known BEYOND THE FIRE at 11:50pm on BBC2.