Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from high concept Sci-fi to compulsive masturbation & mortality in Top Film Tip's pick of the best free films on TV...
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Saturday 26th
Torn between his profession and a growing duty to his new found heritage FBI agent Val Kilmer investigates a Sioux reservation murder spree in THUNDERHEART at 10:55pm on TCM.


Denzel Washington must prevent a crime that has already occurred in intriguing high concept SciFi from the great, late Tony Scott DEJA VU at 9:15pm on BBC3.


A suicidal, stress-puking teenage perfectionist learns to live life whilst admitted to a psychiatric ward in endearing and genuinely affecting drama IT'S KIND OF A FUNNY STORY at 01:20am on Channel4.


Prepubescent mental health, teen aspiration, fatherlessness and a mother's infinite love as hope defeats despair in stunning documentary BOMBAY BEACH at 01:30am on Film4.

Sunday 27th

Friendly neighbourhood descends into paranoid chaos in Joe Dante's satanic sardine scoffing 1980's character comedy gem THE BURBS at 6pm on ITV4.


A Bullied boy’s book bends reality in dragon riding, giant tortoise waking, emotionally engaging 1980's meta-fantasy marvel THE NEVERENDING STORY at 5:10pm on Watch.


Anthony Hopkins rescues an afflicted man from a freak show in David Lynch's deformed study of compassion and humanity in THE ELEPHANT MAN at 11:35pm on ITV3.


A sadistic loan shark finds hope of redemption in school girl and nephew in uncomfortable exploration of the cyclical nature of violence in moving Korean marvel BREATHLESS at 01:10am on Film4.

Monday 28th
Two sisters on the cusp between innocence and adulthood discover a friendly yet mysterious forest spirit in the utterly beautiful, touching and stunning treat MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO at 1pm on Film4.


Examining the traumatic effects of war on soldier's psyche, a man seeks missing memories in innovative and immersive Israeli animation WALTZ WITH BASHIR at 01:20am on Film4.

Thursday 31st

New romantic 80s biker punks press gang n00b while his brother seeks idiotic assistance in superb pre-emo vampire treat THE LOST BOYS at 10pm on Sky Living.


A couple's guilt over the death of their child leads to a maddening decent which will sicken you to the core of your soul in crotch crushing horror ANTICHRIST at 11pm on Film4.


Demonic possession, decapitation by spade, chainsaw dismemberment and tree rape in Sam Raimi’s hugely influential horror THE EVIL DEAD at 11:10pm on Movie Mix.

Friday 1st

Obsession, eccentricity, mortality and masturbation as the worlds bravest superbikers race for pride and glory in exhilarating documentary TT: CLOSER TO THE EDGE 10:35pm on ITV1.


An author escapes the chrysalis of his coma and locked-in-syndrome via his imagination and painstaking communication in arresting true story THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY at 00:10am on BBC2.

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