Top Film Tips' Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a journey from lesbian love affairs to the ancient origins of art in our pick of the best free films on TV.
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Saturday 2nd

Marlon Brando must choose to stay shtum or blow the whistle after witnessing murder by Union-mobsters in dark and edgy classic ON THE WATERFRONT at 3pm on TCM


Titty twisting, genital gunning, vampire band playing, holy-water-condom-bomb-face-melting horror comedy fun from Tarantino & Rodriguez when FROM DUSK TILL DAWN plays at 11:15pm on Channel4.


Intricately astute and exquisitely understated drama as search for a murdered man bares terrible fruit ONCE UPON A TIME IN ANATOLIA 01:20 am on Channel 4.

Monday 4th

Boarding school new girl witnesses intensity of her roommate's lesbian love and emotional collapse in tearjerker LOST AND DELIRIOUS at 11:20pm on Movie Mix.


A childless lawless/lawful couple steal a baby in the Coen Brothers anarchic, desert set, banjo themed comedy and ode to joy RAISING ARIZONA at 9pm on TCM.


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Wednesday 6th

Werner Herzog creates a conduit for the 32,000 year old art & imagination of the pre-ancients to modern humanity in breathtaking documentary CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS at 00:05am on Film4.

Thursday 7th

Fraternity becomes family as ordinary young men try to survive the intrinsic horror of war in Terrence Malick's poetic epiphany THE THIN RED LINE at 9pm on TCM.


Pneumatic head puncturing serial killer pursues cash stealing cowboy whilst a grizzled cop tries to track both in divisive Coen Brothers Oscar winner NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN at 9pm on Film4.


Psychopathic prison addict builds an empire of infamy in Nicolas Winding Refn and Tom Hardy's butter smearing tour de force BRONSON at 11:20 on Film4.

Friday 8th

Arab outcast joins Viking Norsemen in sword swinging quest to exterminate mist dwelling, flesh eating terror in THE 13TH WARRIOR at 11:50pm on BBC1


Desert dudes dodge deadly onslaught of enormous underground graboids- bulldozing, dynamiting, splattery creature feature TREMORS at 9pm on ITV4


Eric Bana stars in stylised and ultra violent autobiographical tale of charismatic Aussie criminal extraordinaire Mark Read in CHOPPER at 01:30am on Film4.