Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from Space cowboys to Argentinean prison drama in @TopFilmTip's pick of the best free films on TV.
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Saturday 9th 

Whiny farm boy befriends camp-bot, dustbin, aged fantasist, sexy princess, space cowboy, walking rug. Topples an empire in STARWARS t 3:15pm on ITV1.


A cop goes undercover while a criminal becomes an undercover cop in Martin Scorsese's Oscar winning remake of Asian crime drama Infernal Affairs THE DEPARTED at 9pm on Film4.


Christian Bale escapes Lao POW camp only to realise the jungle is his true prison in utterly harrowing true story from Werner Herzog in RESCUE DAWN at 11:05pm on BBC1.

Sunday 10th

An awesome score, insane plot and bizarre characters all make for a classic in Brian Blessed's bellowing Sci Fi treat #FLASHGORDON 3:45pm on ITV.


Head blasting, groin kicking, pram chasing prohibition perfection as four cops teach Al Capone 'The Chicago Way' in David Mamet's THE UNTOUCHABLES at 9pm on Film4.


A mother's agony and refusal to accept that the wrong child is her missing son causes police to abuse their power in terrifying drama CHANGELING at 10pm on ITV3.

Tuesday 12th

Sexy, creepy, genre redefining, polygamous, homoerotic, socio-political musical masterpiece when the ground-breaking CABARET plays at 00:05am on BBC1

Wednesday 13th

A lawyer's family is stalked by a cheek-biting unhinged monster of his own making in Scorsese's queasy, nerve shredding gem CAPE FEAR at 10pm on  ITV4.


Matt Damon gets indebted to criminals on account of Ed Norton in high stakes poker playing, stellar casted feel good fun ROUNDERS at 11:35pm on BBC1.


Incarcerated pregnant murderess raises her firstborn amidst Gomorrah of hostile prison in unflinching Argentinian drama LIONS DEN 11:10pm on Film4.

Friday 15th

Two boy's parallel childhood experiences pave very different roads into adulthood- disturbing and unequalled drama in MYSTERIOUS SKIN at 01:20am on Film4.