Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week's TV schedule offers up incestuous intergalactic siblings and Cold War espionage.
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from skinny dipping Helen Mirren to the unbelievable truth behind Orca captivity in @TopFilmTip's pick of the best free films on TV.

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Saturday 16th

Political dissident indulges in incest, yeti slaughter, organic sleeping bags and cryptic swamp training in STAR WARS EPISODE V- THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK at 3:45pm on ITV1.


Hallucinatory lesbianism and obsessive compulsion as a self destructive ballerina strives for perfection in delusional drama BLACK SWAN at 9pm on Channel 4.


Psychologically and physically shattered by war, a young man finds meaning in Mexican cunnilingus and political activism in Oliver Stone's BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY at 9pm on ITV4.

Sunday 17th

Heroic hearse hauling, lead dealing, arithmetic liking, Seven Samurai remaking wondrous western perfection in THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN at 12:05pm on 5USA.

Monday 18th

Marking the maturation of the Western genre, a stolen, prized rifle draws narrative focus as it changes hands in the ground breaking WINCHESTER '73 at 12:20pm on Channel 4.

Tuesday 19th

Secrets and lies, whispers and spies as intelligence analyst attempts to uncover a mole in pristine British thriller TINKER TAYLOR SOLDIER SPY at 9pm on Film4.

Wednesday 20th

Poo smearing, akrasia abiding, taboo cooking indictment of Thatcherism and poll tax in THE COOK THE THIEF HIS WIFE & HER LOVER at 11:05pm on Film4.


Densely layered, dark and deeply developed in a truly masterful noir thriller of crime, corruption and failed ideals. L.A. CONFIDENTIAL plays at 11:15pm on ITV4.


Self obsession, self acceptance and underage infatuation spill out from middle America’s failed dreams in Sam Mendes’ tour-de-force AMERICAN BEAUTY at 11:35pm on BBC1.


Helen Mirren goes skinny dipping when a staled artist finds his muse in a young girl trapped in paradise- lush gem AGE OF CONSENT at 01:30am on Film4.


A tractable young man and his unhinged, manipulative friend engage in a self induced downward spiral in Christian Bale's exceptional drama HARSH TIMES at 01:50am on Channel4.

Thursday 21st

Psychological scars and childhood trauma spewing forth from the commoditisation of captivity cause catastrophic consequences in heartbreaking, must-see documentary BLACKFISH at 9pm on BBC4.


Three women murder their husbands and cover it up in Michael Nyman scored, comically circumcising, number puzzling satirical master-work DROWNING BY NUMBERS at 11:35pm on Film4.