Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

Killer whales and killer fathers grace this week's selection of films on TV.
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This week we take you on a cinematic journey from a galaxy far far away to one of the greatest coming of age stories ever filmed in @TopFilmTips pick of the best free films on TV.

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Saturday 23rd

An Aryan master race leads an army of ethnic underlings and musical koalas against a religious zealot with Freudian issues in RETURN OF THE JEDI 3:35pm on ITV1.


A vegetable bludgeoning sound engineer's psyche slips south of reality in 1970's Italian horror homaging comedy BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO at 11pm on Film4.

Sunday 24th 

A young father facing the rapid onset of Motor Neuron Disease documents his life for the son who won't remember him in poignant documentary I AM BREATHING at 11:15pm on Film4.

Monday 25th

Psychological scars and childhood trauma from commoditisation of captivity cause catastrophic consequences in the heartbreaking, insightful documentary BLACKFISH at 10:30pm 0n BBC4.


A child finds magic in the mundane & fortitude in the unforeseeable in emotionally lacerating yet inspiring drama PATHER PANCHALI at 00:55am on Film4.

Tuesday 26th

Touched by God’s tentacles, a delusional man shuts up crime using wrench, pipe bombs & sexy sidekick in utterly bonkers genre spanning action-comedy-tearjerking-emotional-morality tale SUPER at 11pm on Film4

Wednesday 27th

Step son does scooter stunts for money so he can buy his step dad a heart transplant and then fight him fair and square in hilarious, cool beans comedy HOT ROD at 01:40am on Channel4.