Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from fast, furious deceased car racers to the abrasive true story of submission to authority as well as a live #TakenTFT tweet along hosted by @TopFilmChat on Monday 9th at 9pm on More4.
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Saturday 7th

Pay your respects to Paul Walker who died this week as-

A cop makes awful career decisions when he becomes enamoured with illegal racing and falls for a gangster's sister in Nitrous Oxide super charged dumb and fun treat THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS at 9pm on Dave.

Sunday 8th

Childhood malice, cat killing and brutal bullying as two men revisit their abrasive and painful school memories in Korean anger exploration anime KING OF PIGS at 11:40pm on Film4.

Monday 9th

After just 5 minutes in France, the legendarily well endowed Liam Neeson can’t take it any more and begins a stabby, foreigner punching Shoot-A-Thon for justice in TAKEN at 9pm on More4-

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Tuesday 10th

A cold caller impersonating a cop manipulates fast food minimum wagers into inflicting a sexual assault in the genuinely shocking true story of submission and the illusion of authority COMPLIANCE at 11:05pm on Film4.

Thursday 12th

Inexplicably released after 15 years of imprisonment, an understandably angry man wreaks live-octopus eating, hammer bludgeoning bloody vengeance in Chan Wook-Park's Vengeance Trilogy centrepiece OLD BOY at 01:30am on Film4.