Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journey from misunderstood spy science to the origins of suave samurai cool in @TopFilmTip's pick of the best free films on TV.
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Dumped by his Girlfriend, an early morning talk radio DJ named Alan is drawn into turf war between rival Glaswegian ice-cream van families in rare comedy at 1am on BBC2 Saturday 1st.


Photo developer Robin Williams stalks the seemingly perfect family he idolises in psychologically unsettling drama at 9pm on Movie Mix Saturday 1st.


Two men show their ignorance of radioactive half lives, a girl named Pussy puts it about & a spy dodges a bowler hat at 3:40pm on ITV1 Sunday 2nd.


After his wife's fiery death a doctor slowly realises his vengeful scheme as he devises impervious skin in scarring, brain twisting psychological horror at 9pm on BBC4 Sunday 2nd.

THE EDGEAgainst breathtaking backdrops, a hungry bear stalks humble billionaire & a philandering photographer in survival top thriller at 9pm on Movie Mix Sunday 2nd.

THE RUNNING MANIn a strange dystopian future buff people are humiliated on TV for public entertainment in operatic 80s classic actioner at at 10pm on E4 Monday 3rd.

RAMBO FIRST BLOOD PART IIBetrayed by bureaucrat, muddy, stabby, trigger happy, knife wielding snake-grabber re-wins Vietnam war 10pm on ITV4 Tuesday 4th.

CONTROLLove tears a man apart in dark & moving muso-biopic regarding Ian Curtis, front man of Joy Division at 00:35am Channel 4 Wednesday 5th

YOJIMBORoaming ronin uses sly samurai skills to set rival gangster clans at odds in Akira Kurosawa's uber-cool, Eastwood inspiring chanbara at 11am on Film4 Thursday 6th.

WINCHESTER '73Milky insults & a coin shooting contest prime a bitter rivalry for an inevitable showdown as narrative focus follows the titular revered rifle in groundbreaking western gem at 1:10pm on Film4 Thursday 6th.

DISTRICT 9Bureaucratic yes man mutates into fooking pron & goes on splattery alien gun rampage in unparalleled allegorical SciFi 9pm on More4 Friday 7th.