Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

There's no need to leave the house this week as TopFilmTip serves up an expert guide to the best films on the small screen this week
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THIS week sees the largest number of incredible films airing on free to view channels in the UK since Christmas. So prepare your record button for a battering as we take you on a cinematic trip from JFK's favourite cold war thriller to the Zombie apocalypse in TopFilmTip's best films on TV.

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 Saturday 24th

Brainwashed by card carrying Korean communists a military man is incestuously hypnotised into assassination THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE at 12:25pm on ITV4.
Amidst the chaos of WW1 trench warfare three soldiers are arbitrarily sentenced to death in Stanley Kubrick's soul shattering PATHS OF GLORY at 3pm on ITV4.
Subjected to crushing, humiliating abuse, borstal boys plan a violent escape from captivity in the arresting Norwegian true story KING OF DEVILS ISLAND at 9pm on BBC4

Sunday 25th

Before Kiefer Sutherland bullied politicians, terrorists and foreigners he learnt his trade bullying kids. Moving drama STAND BY ME airs at 3:55pm on Channel 5.
Close knit small town friend's lives are eviscerated by the traumas of war in Russian rouletting, jarring drama THE DEER HUNTER at 9pm on ITV4.
Shoe shinning insults, unhinged anecdotes, mob murder and creeping cocaine fuelled paranoia when amusing clown masterwork GOODFELLAS airs at 10pm on Alibi.
Blindfolded Italian interpreter interrogates a Mandarin speaking alien in high concept, politically allegorical, twisty SciFi THE ARRIVAL OF WANG at 00:05am on Film4.


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Monday 26th

A maternity doctor stumbles upon a brutal underworld of Russian gangsters in David Cronenberg's visceral, character led drama EASTERN PROMISES at 11:30pm on BBC1.
Certain there's an informant in their midst, A Brighton mob family descend into murderous paranoia in Ben Wheatley's DOWN TERRACE at 01:20am on Film4.

Tuesday 27th

A young girl faces her fears and becomes self reliant in Studio Ghibli’s indescribably beautiful and totally emersive coming of age masterwork SPIRITED AWAY at 11am on Film4.

Witnessing the nazi threat, visionary Brit R J Mitchell designs an airborne avenging angel to Spitfire and protect his green and pleasant land in THE FIRST OF THE FEW at 1:30pm on BBC2

Loss of innocence, dehumanisation of war and the best army rhyming in any film when Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam masterpiece FULL METAL JACKET plays at 10pm on ITV4.

Wednesday 28th

Seeking oblivion, a chronic alcoholic finds an unusual rapport with a brutalised prostitute in the abrasive, tragic love story LEAVING LAS VEGAS at 01:30am on Film4.

Thursday 29th

A girl saves her far future world from imminent war in the astonishingly beautiful and phenomenally imaginative Studio Ghibli anime NAUSICAA OF THE VALLEY OF THE WIND at 11am on Film4.

Multifaceted political drama as George Clooney heads up an all too believable story of corruption, torture and greed in SYRIANA at 10:35 on ITV1.

A callow District Attorney investigates a killer cop unearthing intractable corruption, racism and organised crime inside the NYPD in Sidney Lumet's Q&A  at 10:55pm on Film4.

Amidst a seemly idyllic community of police men's families, a sheriff must investigate dirty cops. Sly Stalone stars in exceptional drama COPLAND at 01:35am on Film4.

Friday 30th

An English woman travels to rural China, prevents foot binding and ushers 100 orphans to safety in the true story THE INN OF THE SIXTH HAPPINESS at 10:15am on More4

Garage physicists discover the infinite complexities of time travel in the brain twisting, high concept, lo-fi SciFi talk'em up PRIMER at 00:05am on Film4.

An astronaut with a fungal infection abuses cacti, fails fingerprints and snail trails all over London in the electrifying classic horror THE QUATERMASS XPERIMENT at 00:35am on BBC2.

A post-vital community's alternative dietary lifestyle is threatened when it's free range livestock turns violent in remake fun DAWN OF THE DEAD at 00:45am on Sky1.