Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week we take you on a cinematic journy from Coen brother's gangsterism to Chris Morris's comedy in this weeks best films on TV.
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Saturday 28th

Dozens of characters portray the brave men who helped secure allied victory in five interweaving tales of D-Day in THE LONGEST DAY at 2:45pm on TCM.


A stagnated college professor’s chaotic life becomes further complicated by his eccentric acquaintances and his own indecision in WONDER BOYS at 23:10pm on BBC2.

Sunday 29th

An Elderly man rides a lawnmower to visit his estranged brother in David Lynch's pastoral, poignant, beautiful and brilliant black sheep THE STRAIGHT STORY at 2:55pm on Film4.


Lights in the sky, melodic mystery and mashed potato mountains herald the arrival of aliens in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND at 3:40pm on Channel 5.

Monday 30th

Alt-girl makes the world her own using only a laptop, a dildo and a needle in top Swedish thriller THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO at 11:55pm on Film4.

Wednesday 2nd

Forsaken by his friends as killers approach, a lawman must fight for his life in the revolutionary real-time McCarthyism allegory HIGH NOON at 12:55pm on Film4.


Hapless, inept terrorists fail to overcome Zionist spark plugs and a clash of ideologies in Chris Morris’s obsidian satire FOUR LIONS at 9pm on Film4.


An institutionally abused boy becomes lawyer and masterfully manipulates the trial of his avenging friends in extraordinary drama SLEEPERS at 11pm on ITV4.

Thursday 3rd

A solitary truck driver’s lost emotions are stirred when he ferries a new mother 1500 miles in speechless South American road movie LAS ACACIAS at 11am on Film4.


A gangster rides the shifting tides of power as authority swings between rival crime crews in the Coen Bros’ supersharp drama MILLER'S CROSSING at 9pm on Movie Mix.


A Callow doctor forces bipolar dictator to fart in piercing tale of power’s corruption & naiveté's end THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND at 11pm on Film4


Two mountain climbers defeat despair, crushed bones, starvation and the hostility of a looming subzero death in true story TOUCHING THE VOID at 01:25am on Film4.

Friday 4th. 

Coffin punching, eye plucking, bucket schlepping, 5-point-palm-exploding-heart-techniquing Kung Fu film homage when KILL BILL: VOL 2 airs at 11pm on Watch.