Top Film Tip's Best Films On TV This Week

This week's programming brings us armies, assassins and Arnie.
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Saturday 12th

Temporal tuning hat enthusiasts try to persuade politician MATT DAMON! to avoid love interest Emily Blunt in monsters inc-y Philip K Dick conceptual Sci Fi THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU at 9pm om Channel4.


Desert drifter Clint Eastwood plays rival gangs against each other and gives a harsh lesson in hand-gunning in corpse kidnapping classic A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS at 9pm on C5


Orphaned by cultists, ex-slave stabs snake, is bemused by witch and battles the voice of Darth Vader in lamentation listening swords and sorcery fun CONAN THE BARBARIAN at 10:55pm on TCM


Blade baring crew commit to kill cruel lord and his 200 fiercest fighters in epic katana cutting samurai show down spectacular 13 ASSASSINS at 00:55am on Channel4.

Sunday 13th

The disciplinary use of soap, shouty sexual propositions and the best marching songs of any war film as Stanley Kubrick's explores loss of innocence in his iconic FULL METAL JACKET at 9pm on TCM


The rivalries and asphalt assaulting career of Brazilian patriot, philanthropist & racing legend Ayrton Senna are explored in top documentary SENNA at 10:20pm on ITV1


A Jock, a Brain, a Criminal, a Princess & a Basket Case find common ground in John Hughes' weedy detention classic THE BREAKFAST CLUB at 10:35pm on ITV3.


Quentin Tarantino uses Cinema as a weapon of death and vengeance in uber eloquent and super stylish WW2 groundbreaker INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS t 10:50pm on Film4.

Monday 14th

Hawkish submarine captain Gene Hackman and cerebral commander Denzel Washington clash as a communications collapse causes mutiny and mayhem in Tony Scott's CRIMSON TIDE at 9pm on 5USA.

Wednesday 16th

Three Criminals each seek their fortune in Las Vegas but in turn find they are their own worst enemies in Martin Scorsese's CASINO at 11pm on ITV4.

Friday 18th

Teen tensions rise to fever pitch as Cherry Bombing girl punk posse fall into pills, alcohol and jealousy in true story THE RUNAWAYS at 01:05am on Channel4.