Top Film Tip's Best New Year TV Movies

This week we bring you a traditional noir, coming of age, Japanese, doppelgänging, eye ball freezing, king fu-ing, nuclear war starting, ghost pirating, MMA kissing, samurai inspired, gangster themed traditional TopFilmTip new year!
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Fed up with the monotony of vanilla programming on TV? Want something with a bit more grunt to watch on these cold winters nights?
Worry not, this week we bring you a traditional noir, coming of age, Japanese, doppelgänging, eye ball freezing, king fu-ing, nuclear war starting, ghost pirating, MMA kissing, samurai inspired, gangster themed traditional TopFilmTip new year.

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Saturday 29th

In the coolest night club in cinematic history a tough man must make a tough choice in what maybe the best film ever made, CASABLANCA plays at 1:35pm on More4. It's a classic for a reason.


John Hughes Vs David Lynch in bonkers, Horror-SF-coming-of-age-conspiracy-thriller that will leave you as besotted as bemused. KABOOM airs at 02:10am on Film4.

Sunday 30th

A young boy discovers tiny Borrowers living in his countryside home in the spell bindingly beautiful Studio Ghibli treat ARRIETTY at 4:55pm on Film4.


Helium harvesting Sam Rockwell discovers a dopplegänging secret in the exceptional, high concept, identity questioning, Philip K Dick-esque SciFi gem, MOON at 10pm on BBC2.

Followed by

Eyeball freezing, stripper shooting, thigh strangling noir as a detective retires replicants and questions his origins when he learns empathy from his enemy. Ridley Scott's visionary classic BLADERUNNER at 11:30pm on BBC2.



Jackie Chan mixes up animal Kung Fu styles to defeat an evil master in hugely influential 70s action comedy SNAKE IN THE EAGLES SHADOW at 02:05am on Film4. Keep an eye out for the missionary with a dagger hidden in his crucifix!

Monday 31st

A teenage hacker accidentally starts the nuclear countdown, meets a voice synthed WOPR and plays tic-tac-toe to save the world. Antiwar 1980s classic WARGAMES plays at 10:25am on ITV1.

Tuesday 1st

Gruesome, ghostly goings on as John Carpenter sets the vengeful dead loose upon a secluded coastal town in classic horror treat THE FOG at 11pm on ITV4.


A fashionista travels the world inflicting awkward comedy genius on the unsuspecting media hungry in Sasha Baron Cohen's homo-erotic/phobic comedy BRUNO at 10:30pm on E4.


Having an affair with a gangster’s wife is stupid, but planning to rob him then burn down his house is just bonkers! Aussie crime thriller THE SQUARE runs at 00:55am on Film4.


Unbelievably homoerotic "historical" fun tonight as a group of kettle bell training, Atkins diet fanatics take on the Persian hoards when Zack "Man Of Steel" Snyder's 300 plays 9pm on TCM.

Wednesday 2nd

Amusing clowns, carpet spitting, prison food and unquestionably Joe Pesci’s most unsettling performance in rags to riches to drugs and murder tale, when Martin Scorsese’s greatest gangster film GOODFELLAS plays at 10pm on ITV4.


A high school teacher perverts the course of student politics causing his life to gradually unravel in the viciously sharp, exquisitely scripted allegorical satire ELECTION at 01:20am on Film4.


A teenager helps his sisterly friend hide from family causing complex and unpredictable fallout in the giddy British tale THE SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS at 11:30pm on Film4.

Thursday 3rd

Archetypal characters, one of the best punch ups ever put to film and a truly iconic close in the classic western SHANE at 12:55pm on Film4.


Top 1980s comedy fun when two innocent guys, in the wrong place at the wrong time, end up riding broncos for a crooked prison warden STIR CRAZY airs at 9:50pm on Gold.


A young photographer is befriended by an artistic prodigy before beginning an online romance with her sister in the unusual and controversially possibly not/maybe so documentary CATFISH at 00:05am on Channel4.

Friday 4th

Two heterosexual life partners hold up the gritty law in a gritty town. Ed Harris directs and stars in top neo-western treat APPALOOSA at 9pm on More4.



After a decade of searching for his kidnapped son, a man finds him raised as an Amazonian tribesman. Determined to still have a relationship with his now unrecognisably alien son, he will go to extraordinary lengths. The gorgeous, eco-drama THE EMERALD FOREST plays at 01:50 am on BBC2.


Loyalty and duty clash causing turmoil and internal conflict for undercover mob infiltrator Johnny Depp. The amazingly true story DONNIE BRASCO airs at 11:40pm on Dave.


Following Hagakure, contract killer Forest Whitaker turns his skills on his murderous employers in intricately narrated, uber cool gem GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI at 01:15 am on Film4.


Setting the horror bar high, David Cronenberg probes the squeamish nature of body transmorphia in influential SciFi horror THE FLY at 01:05am on Channel4.