TV's Most Punchable Faces

Some TV characters are blessed with charm and good looks, some roll off lines of comedy so effortlessly, but with some characters you just cannot look past their extremely punchable face...
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Joffrey Baratheon


Joffrey was the catalyst for this article, you will find it near impossible to find a more punchable face on TV than this inbred little sprite. I've fast become addicted to Game of Thrones but right from the first episode I have wanted to smash my TV screen every time Joffrey has appeared on it. Jack Gleason who plays Joffrey has even received a letter from the writer of the book series congratulating him on how hated he is by the general public. Here he is getting slapped by Tyrion the dwarf.

Pete Campbell


Pete is one of my favourite characters in Mad Men, he has that kind of smugness that you sort of don't mind, he's almost so far along the spectrum of smarm that he nearly becomes likeable again. Having said that he does have one punchable face, this you cannot deny. Perhaps it's the pug nose mixed with his constant arse licking of clientele or the fact he happily instigated the prostitution of the glorious Joanie. I think every fan of the show was envious of Lane Pryce when he kicked his ass in an office brawl.

Tommy Carcetti


Aiden Gillen who plays Tommy Carcetti also has claims to be on this list with his portrayal of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones but his role as Carcetti in The Wire just about pips it. The combination of his ambition and slimy manipulation just add to the rage that his face already induces. The career path of politician also doesn't really help his cause, everyone would like the lay out a politician wouldn't they? Especially a self obsessed smarm ball like Carcetti who in one scene re-watches himself on television whilst ignoring his wife and kids.

Greg Lindley Jones

Rumour has it that director of Extras Ricky Gervais wrote the role of Greg specifically for actor Shaun Pye with the character description just saying 'Smug with a punchable face'. Greg is as snide as anyone on this list and like many of his kind he be comes successful, which along with his constant belittling of people just adds to his unlikeability. We also find out that he was solely supported by his parents during his rise to the top, which nobody likes.

Saul Goodman


Breaking Bad's comic relief is in the same likeable vein as Pete Campbell but there's no doubt the motor mouth lawyer would rub you up the wrong way if you happened to find yourself in the meth dealing business with him. Saul is always trying to make a quick buck and his cheap looking polyester suits go hand in hand with his stereotypical lawyer role. He is however an hilarious character, his real name is Saul McGill but he changed it to Goodman for a play on words, S'all Good Man, genius yes but real life Saul Goodman's are horrible creatures and actor Bob Odenkirk does have a bullseye of a face.


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Will Schuester


Putting a character from Glee on the list implies that I have watched the show at some point, and unfortunately I have. The Justin Timberlake wannabe and stereotypical drama teacher looking to change the world is one of the most annoying characters on TV. Mr Schue's slicked back hair and constant singing and dancing are enough to
wind most people up but it's his high sense of morality that make the character nearly unbearable, his Morrissey like chin is also pretty annoying. It wasn't hard finding a video that shows Mr Schue off as the douche bag that he is.



I thought Andrew Scott did a bang up job on Sherlock's arch nemesis Moriaty in the BBC hit series but there was weasely vibe to him that was hard to shake off at first. His sheer arrogance and psychological imbalance added depth to the character but also made you root for Sherlock and Watson even more than usual. Although his demise seemed pretty finalised at the end of the second series I wouldn't be so sure that we have seen the end of this particular punchable face.

Ralphie Cifaretto


Ralphie not only beat to death my favourite looking gumar on the show but to add to that she was pregnant with his child at the time, not a nice bloke. Ralphie joined the Soprano clan in season 3 and it was immediately apparent he was a wrong-un even for the mafia. His bizarre sex fetish requests of the equally psychotic Janice Soprano added a humour to the character but he only bordered on becoming likeable and I was delighted when big Tony finally saw him off, Ralphie had killed his horse the utter bastard. Disgraceful hair to boot.

Chris Finch


"Chris, Why don't you fuck off" The brilliant words that every fan of The Office wanted to shout at Finchy throughout all 14 episodes. Chris Finch is the kind of horrible salesy wanker that we have all come across in our lives and probably refrained from hitting on a daily basis. The big nose seems to be apparent on most punchable faces but it's his attitude and whole decorum that really riled fans up. To think that people like him actually exist in real life as well, arrogant, deluded, boastful tosspots that recycle old jokes and pass them off as their own. Take a stand, punch a Chris Finch.

Rodney Ruxin


If all faces on this list were lined up then you would probably put The Leagues Rodney Ruxin on the podium of smugness. He is about as smug as a sitcom character can get without being overly annoying, he has this ridiculously over the top self worshiping pout that you have to applaud on occasions. The League is a great show and the characters compliment each other well but if Ruxin was to ever have a spin off show then we could be looking at one of the most annoying spin offs ever created, he just wouldn't work as a character without his other, more likeable friends.