Why The Lock Stock Pub Scene Is Pure Booze Poetry

As Guy Ricthie's new movie The Man From UNCLE is released, we take a look at the director's finest moment.
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There are plenty of fun, kinetic, music-led classic Guy Ritchie moments in his new Man From U.N.C.L.E movie.

His new franchise has some of the director's classic trope's (which I love before you think I'm being sniffy): manly punch ups, aspirational bloke-y stuff (suits, watches, girls) oozy-fire-dialogue and more manly punch ups.

It's best scene is arguably a great visual moment where Alicia Vikanda sways seductively and rather goofily to some cool soul while uptight Armie Hammer (doing "heez bist ryussian") tries to ignore her. Another similar moment has Henry Cavil's smooth CIA agent enjoying a bottle of good plonk he finds in a basket. Both scenes have two things in common, cool blokes and booze, reminding me of Ritchie's finest ever scene, the piss-up in Harry's bar in Lock-Stock.

No-one does "I want to be in their gang" movie moments quite like Ritchie and this is his best, for many reasons. Here are a few.

I've never thought of putting paper in my ears and lighting it but Jason Statham makes me want to.

I've never had a game of cards where, like X-Men's gambit, they end up all over the shop, but again I want to.

Jason Statham does a back-flip. I can't get the pin on uber to work after a few pints.

Sting runs this pub. He's not in the scene but just remember, STING IS THE LANDLORD.

The whole sepia tinge thing became cliché but (and excuse me for sounding like Lawrence Llwelyn-Bowen) it works perfectly for this exposed brick-work boozer.

E-Z Rollers - Walk This Land is the jam you wish your own post-work drinks would be soundtracked to. Sadly it's more likely to be Sky Sports News these days.

They all end up asleep, asleep in the pub. One of them on the piano. You can't sleep on a piano.