7 Queens Of Mid-00s Indie

What, no Kate Nash?
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What, no Kate Nash?

Abi Harding- The Zutons

For starters she played the saxophone so we’re already talking heaven sent. In a band not behest with lookers, Abi stood out like a beacon of beauty in a tasselled mop of Scouse. As a reference point can we refer you to the West Side Story-aping video for ‘Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love’, where she assumes the role of Maria facing off against lead singer Dave through the medium of dance on the streets of Puerto Rico: those second album budgets, eh?

Karen 0 - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

We mean, it’s obvious isn’t it but not including her would be like going to the supermarket and not tossing a jar of tapenade in with the semi-skimmed. Madness, essentially. The lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' position as chief priestess of the the 00s indie scene goes on unchallenged, with at least one stone cold banger on every album they’ve ever released (for the record: ‘Date With The Night’, ‘Gold Lion’, ‘ Heads Will Roll’ and ‘Sacrilege’). Really, though, there’s shitloads we could have listed there, everyone copied the bob and she’s a sweetypie - “they don’t love you like I love you” - so she can do what she wants.

Beth Ditto - The Gossip

'Standing In the Way of Control'? Okay, it may have been overplayed and ended up sound tracking a Skins advert but its place in the Banger Bible is assured. Beth like all great lead singers is at the same time intimidating, welcoming and incredibly funny. Giving better copy than even the great Johnny Burrell, if she wasn’t talking about shooting squirrels and frying them up she was tearing strips of the pretentious - there was also THAT NME cover to consider.

Tahita Bulmer - New Young Pony Club

New York Pony Club were lumped in with nu-rave crowd though if anyone actually looked beyond the bleeps in ‘Ice Cream’, they were about as similar as chocolate and sardines. Although they’ve never done a Girls Aloud, or even, if we’re being honest, a Pipettes, they released three albums and, we think, still exist; which is more than can be said for Cheryl Cole’s gang of suntans.

Kate Jackson - The Long Blondes

Smarter and better dressed than you could ever hope to be, Kate and the rest of the Long Blondes could create a song with a million references and hip shaking beat so in tune with the time it seemed almost too perfect. With a career cut criminally short, a million indie hearts shattered over the dance floor. We shall never forget you though Kate - KJ 4 LIFE.

Gemma Clarke - Babyshambles

Hitting the skins on Babyshambles' first single ‘Kilimangiro’, she pulled out the band shortly after, posting an open letter to Doherty stating she couldn't work under the new management he’d chosen for the band. As someone that cowered in the company of said heavies at a Babyshambles gig at the Duke Of Clarence in 2004, can we be the first to say BLOODY GOOD JOB, GEM.

Lovefoxxx - CSS

One half of the 00s indie Posh n’ Dave with Klaxons’ daytripper Jamie Righton, the Brazilian super-foxxx rolled onto the Roxy floor with ‘Let’s Make Love And Listen To Death From Above’. (Though 'Off The Hook' is actually better.)

It’s taken us 9 years to work out what the ‘death from above’ bit in the title relates to. Literally just worked it out now, writing this. Always figured it was something about angels before. That's a Humanities degree for you.

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