Why Leeds Fans Should Be Swimming In A Sea Of Positivity

On Cellino's watch, we'll be back to where we belong...
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Why Leeds Fans Should Be Swimming In A Sea Of Positivity

At last, after all the pain of the last decade and after the disaster of last season, the slow arousal that turned into a flaccid non event of the Bates era and the gross incompetence and mismanagement and mismanagement of GFH, Leeds fans, at last, have an owner who puts his money where his mouth is.

Massimo Cellino, the self appointed Sheriff of Beeston and his close knit posse have sorted the finances at the club, putting it on a sound financial footing and along with his deputy, Nicola Salerno, attracted an array of fine, mainly young, hungry talent to bolster a squad fat with old journeymen collected in the Warnock & McDermott eras.

He may not have the Qatari gazillions or Roman's billions, the Yanks at Liverpools' polished sporting heritage and he hasn't demonstrated the spending with reckless abandon of Tony F at QPR.

Cellino is a man with a plan, we have a boss with charisma, passion & a drive to get Leeds United to the Premiership.

He took a long hard look at the organisation from top to bottom and went through the set up like a wrecking ball.

The miserablists this morning sit in shocked silence on their sofas, they said he wouldn’t spend after selling McCormack and would keep the cash.

Let me yell you something, won’t spend, you say, 10 new players have joined the family, 10 lots of transfers, contracts, loan fees and the promise of more to come, the miserablists can go to hell my friends.

Massimo Cellino is cool, ultra cool, from his Italian tailoring and leather jackets to his nasal twang, borne from too many smokes and possibly the odd toke over the years.

He will talk to everyone, always with wit & charm, calls the ladies darling and many of the male journalists have developed man crushes already. It doesn't matter if its a formal press conference or a sleeve tug in the street, he's always got time, the press who cover Leeds have found nirvana, as Cellino talks there is a rat a tat tat of quotable quotes and more metaphors than a metaphor factory.


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The Sheriff shoots from the lip and makes decisions, some appear to be bonkers, like appointing Hock & Junior as a coaching team, however, Leeds United are playing a passing style of football, the squad is fit and players are making positive noises, we are get to be convinced fully by the gruesome twosome but time and results will tell.

Truth be known, the coach is merely a pawn in the President’s game, interchangeable and replaceable, the key is that the business is strong and the squad capable of competing.

An abject performance at Millwall on the opening day of the season appears to have stung Cellino into action, or maybe it was the plan all along, who knows with Massimo.

It culminating in the most exciting day of transfer action in eons yesterday when we signed the Warrior, centre half Giuseppe Bellusci, a bit of a nutter so he will fit in great here, highly rated central defender Liam Cooper and striker Billy Sharp who the club had been having an on off affair with for years. Social media was in meltdown with unbridled joy.

The 10 signings, which are mooted to soon become a dynamic dozen if the links with the prolific Agard from Rotherham and striker Mirko Antonucci, are a mix of British & Italian lads.

The giant Stuart Taylor was signed as goalkeeping understudy to the highly rated, athletic Marco Silvestri. Defender Gaetano Berardi has already endeared himself to the fans by being sent off for a waist high kung fu challenge in the victory against Accrington. Zan Benedicic is a wonder kid creative midfielder signed from Milan, young with massive potential, Tommaso Bianchi, already dubbed Tommy White is a cultured midfielder with a fine range of passing and good technical ability. Nicky Ajose is a pacy forward who had a troubled time at Peterborough and has a point to prove. Souleymane Doukara is a powerful, fast beast of a forward who scored a couple of cracking goals on Tuesday night.

All of a sudden we have a squad with options, with Jason Pearce there is a possibility to play three at the back with wings backs.

Sam Byram is mooted to want to stay and can operate the right with young Charlie Taylor or old Warnock on the left.

Hock has integrated the likes of Cook, Dawson & Walters from the academy and Mowatt is getting back to full fitness.

There are bound to be some casualties as the remaining dead wood is swept away, there are certainly a few who fans want to get rid off, Cellino will decide who he wants to ship out or pay off.

What is certain is that we now have a charismatic, upfront owner who wears his heart on his sleeve, has a plan and is not scared to make decisions.

He will do the job we all crave and get the club back into the Premiership, without the encumbrance of a ghost bank from the Middle East who will hopefully be ousted, at least marginalised.

Cellino will put the swagger back into Leeds United, the "we are back" into Leeds.

On his watch we will get back where we belong.

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