12 Things Every First Internet Generationer Will Remember

From the sound of the dial-up to downloading made-up hip hop tracks. Twentysomethings, get your rose tinted glasses out...
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1. Letting the world know what you're about by the case on your Nokia face off


2. EVERY garage track on Napster being attributed to DJ Luck and MC Neat

3.  Downloading fake hip hop collaboration tracks with artists that had definitely never worked together EMINEM + ICE CUBE + TUPAC + NOTORIOUS BIG + DJ CLUE!!

4. "Don't get Limewire, it gives you viruses"


5. Sometimes the download would stop half way through but you'd put it on your MP3 player anyway. It still feels weird to hear those songs go past a certain point.

6. Listening to THIS sound while waiting for your dial-up to connect

7. Buying ludicrously expensive polyphonic ringtones out the back of magazines

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 16.06.39

8. 'TB x'

9. Creating your own website with Homestead or Anglefire

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 16.15.46


11. A/S/L?

12. "Hello Moto"

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