Ex-EDL Bellend Tommy Robinson Has A 9/11-Themed Workout Plan

And no, this isn't a joke. He is that much of a wanker.
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Big Tommy Robbo, who let's remember has left the EDL now and added 'New Era' to his Twitter handle, is sad about 9/11. He's really fucking sad about it, but he's confused too, because he needs to work out.

Can you work out on the anniversary of 9/11? Can you do anything at all on the anniversary of 9/11, bar perhaps watching Oliver Stone's misguided Islamophobic Nicolas Cage fronted piece-of-shit movie World Trade Centre?

The old Tommy Robbo would have done that. The old Tommy Robbo would have watched World Trade Centre then gone out and done a few mosques in. The old Tommy Robbo would have watched World Trade Centre swigging a few cans of K draped in a Union Jack, then called his local Indian restaurant and chanted "Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips! Fish and Chips!" down the phone. The old Tommy Robbo is dead, this is a new era.

New era Tommy Robbo knows how the victims of 9/11 would like to be honoured. New era Tommy Robbo needs to get his sweat on. New era Tommy Robbo has had a great idea, and that's the theme his work out around the facts and figures from the day when two passenger aircrafts flew into the twin towers in perhaps the most significant act of terrorism of recent memory. It's what they would have wanted.

It's all there, no stone left unturned. Some things are a bit weird - not sure how he's warming up, for a start, and it's a fairly big workout so you've got to assume he's warming both up and down. Maybe he's warming up to some lighter atrocities - the Lockerbie Bombing, that time the IRA nearly did Thatcher down in Brighton, we can only assume. Also, he's doing a 60 second plank (not sure) in memory of American Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon - why not add 17 seconds on? Haven't got the metal. Old Tommy Robbo would piss out a 77 second plank. Piss it out.

The whole work out ends with a titanic 2977 dead lift for each of the 2977 people that lost their lives, a fitting tribute. As you can see from the bottom of the whiteboard, Ben & Matt are the coaches New Era Big Tommy Robbo has trusted to shepherd him through this 'sesh', presumably dressed up like New York Firefighters or something.

Worth noting that on 7/7 New Era Tommy Robbo tweeted out an RIP message. No more, no less. Takes the piss in comparison to this doesn't it? Old Tommy Robbo wouldn't do that. Old Tommy Robbo would get on the kettlebells and go to fucking town.