Tensnake's Top 10 Disco Tracks From Austria And Germany

We asked the German nu-disco producer to dig for some disco gems from his part of the world. The results are unsurprisingly sparkling....
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01, Donna Summer – I Feel Love

The whole album was produced and partly written by Giorgio Moroder who is obviously Austrian. I think it was recorded in Munich, so this makes it a very German/Austrian disco tune.

02. Supermax – Love Machine

Kurt Johann Hauenstein AKA Supermax was born in Vienna and is mostly known for his song ‘Love Machine’ which made it to #96 in the Billboard Charts in 1979.

03. Boney M – Ma Baker

Boney M were discovered & produced by one of the most successful German music writers/ producers ever, [Frank Farian] and were responsible for lots of Germans going crazy during The Cold War!

04. Whirlpool Productions – From Disco To Disco

An experimental electronic band from Cologne. The members were Hans Nieswandt, Eric D Clark & Justus Köhnke. This song was huge. And even bigger in Italia were they went to #1 in 1997.

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05. Giorgio Moroder –  Chase

Nile Rodgers once told me that he invented his characteristic unique guitar style because he was trying to imitate the short arpegiator notes of Moroder’s productions. I think this says it all in terms of how legendary Giorgio Moroder is and how important he is for the history of electronic pop music.

06. Boney M – Gotta Go Home

Barbara Streisand!

07. Die Sterne – Wir hatten Sex In Den Trümmern Und Träumten

Not a disco band at all. However this song is. And I always liked it. The lyrics are great as well.

08. Nina Hagen – New York, New York

One of our most creative talents from the 80s, her appearances in TV shows were legendary. This might be the only Hagen Boogie track.”

09 DÖF – Codo

DÖF were part of the NEUE DEUTSCHE WELLE. There were definitely better bands of that movement, but this can be considered disco and reminds me somehow of the German version of Dee D Jacksons’ ‘Galaxy Police’.”

10. Tensnake feat. Fiora & Nile Rodgers – Love Sublime

No further explanation/description required...

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