WWE: The 10 Greatest Tag Teams Of All Time

There is nothing better than a WWE Tag Team, especially when they capture the imagination and form that special bond with one another. And we mean real Tag Teams, none of the Kane & Daniel Bryan crap.
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With the WWE’s current trend of pigeonholing superstars into Tag teams - Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston the latest set to challenge Team Hell No (themselves a merged team) at WrestleMania for the straps - we thought we’d hark back and take a look at some proper tag teams. In fact, the ten best tag teams the WWE has ever had to offer. Tin hats at the ready, cos’ this could get controversial.

10) The Rockers


Marty Jenetty and Shawn Michaels were pioneers in tag-team wrestling. Their fast-paced, high-flying ring style coupled with their eighties heavy metal hair dos and colourful tasseled ring tights made them one of the era’s most popular tag-teams - and my personal favourite. Never ones to back down from a challenge, they did battle with teams of their own build like The Orient Express or heavyweights such as Power and Glory. Each time doing it in their own unique way of synchronised drop-kicks or flying in unison off the top ropes. Criminally The Rockers never held tag-team gold, but did harbor a future hall of famer in Michaels' - even if he had to throw his partner throw the Barber Shop Window to get there (and yes that still hurts). As for Jenetty, he became the standard-bearer for all failed tag-team members who followed him.

9) APA


There have been few more menacing duos in WWE history then Farooq and Bradshaw, better known as the APA. After being left behind by The Undertaker and his Ministry, the heavy hitters transformed from The Acolytes to a two-man enforcer team ready for hire. Superstars up and down the roster would knock on the APA’s door looking for that extra bit of protection - as long as they had the cash to front it. Whether it was winning tag-titles (which they did on multiple occasions) or crashing bars (which they also did on multiple occasions), the APA always took some stopping. DAMM!

8) The Hardy Boyz


Where The Rockers introduced high-flying to the WWE’s mainstream, brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy took it to the extreme. Along with the Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian, the Hardys were leading lights of WWE’s tag team division at start of the new millennium. Giving birth to the ladders part of the famous first TLC match, and winning the tag titles on six different occasions. With Jeff’s Swanton Bomb and Matt’s leg drop, you always expected the unexpected with these siblings. Add the moon-saulting Lita into the mix and it’s no wonder Team Extreme were one of the E’s very best.

7) The British Bulldogs


What do you get if you take British brawn and brains, mix it with the famous Hart family dungeon and add in some Union Jack attire? Well, Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid that’s what, collectively known as the British Bulldogs. Perfectly balanced, Davey and all his 300 plus pounds offered the power and the strength, while the kid was the perfect combination of fearlessness and natural wrestling ability. They won tag team gold on the biggest stage of them all, defeating Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine at WrestleMania 2 - and it’s where their talents always belonged.

6) The Dudley Boyz


No team in the history of professional wrestling is more decorated than Bubba Ray and D-von Dudley, together as the Dudley Boyz. Their stint in WWE consisted of eight championship reigns, and bitter rivalries against the APA, The Undertaker and of course their infamous TLC led battles with the Hardy’s and Edge & Christian. What started off as a joke gimmick led to one of the industries greatest ever teams, and to this day you can’t help but think of the pair whenever a table is unleashed during a WWE match. ‘D-Von………GET THE TABLES!!’


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5) Demolition


They may have looked as though they borrowed their ring attire from the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, but there was no messing with Ax and Smash of Demolition. With their painted faces and distinctive theme music, Demolition dominated the tag scene in the late 1980s and early 90s, culminating in a record 470-day reign as champions - have that CM Punk. Often labeled as clones of The Road Warriors, this pair (and later with the addition of Crush) were division leaders in their own right. Just don’t ever mention Smash’s reincarnation as the Repo Man - it taints the memory of a truly terrifying team.

4) Legion Of Doom


As wrestling fans we know them better as the Road Warriors but when they arrived in WWE they were known as Hawk and Animal - The Legion of Doom. Complete with spiked shoulder pads (I know you had the foam versions like me), manager Paul Ellering and entering to the ring to the sounds of ‘OHHHH WHAT A RUSH!’ LOD were one of the most dominant teams in WWE history. They won the tag titles on two occasions, were involved in memorable feuds with Demolition and the Nasty Boys and easily had the best tag-team finisher the company has ever seen.

3) Hart Foundation


Only real men can wear pink, and only these two could do it in tandem. Before Bret Hart became ‘The Best there Is, Best There Was, and Best There Ever Will Be’ he teamed with brother-in-law Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart as the Hart Foundation. Bret’s excellence of execution matched with the Anvils brute force and manic beard stroking laughter saw the team hold the tag titles twice - their second in what is considered one of the best tag matches of all time, the 2 out of 3 falls match with Demolition at 1990’s SummerSlam. The Hart family hold a huge legacy in professional wrestling, and this team are a proud member of it.

2) New Age Outlaws


‘Oh you didn’t know? Your arse better call somebody…...’ No team defined the Attitude era for tag team wrestling more than The New Age Outlaws. As part of D-Generation X, the former Roadie ‘Road Dogg’ Jess James and ex cowboy ‘Bad Ass’ Billy Gunn were five time tag team champions and the most popular team in the companies most watched era. There wasn’t a fan of that time who didn’t know every word to the NAO’s famous ring entrance, but under every ‘suck it’ and DX gag was a hugely talented team that took on the companies very best - and won. They now look set to go again at this year’s WrestleMania.

1) Edge and Christian


It was a hard call, but I had to give this one to the only team that ever ‘reeked of awesomeness’ Edge & Christian. The life-long friends started off life in WWE as members of The Brood, but shed the vampire like ways to become the greatest tag team in WWE history - and it’s easy to see why. On top of their pre-match ‘five-second poses’ and oversized sunglasses, E&C captured the tag titles on no less than seven occasions, were victorious in both infamous TLC matches with the Dudleyz and the Hardyz and patented the deadly con-chairto. But more than that, Edge & Christian revolutionised tag-team wrestling, and whether you liked them or not, there was no doubting their superstar persona’s and wrestling ability. E&C we salute you.