Will A$AP Rocky's Multiply Stop Fuccbois Wearing Hood By Air?

Wondering how much power Rocky has over fuccbois? Don't know what a fuccboi is? Read on....
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The term "fuck boi" popularised by Rick Ross on The Summer's Mine in 2010 yelling it four times in a row, with possible homophobic undertones, on a diss track when rap beef was still the must have for commercial rappers. The term lived on in American culture and evolved into "fuccboi" to describe the painfully on trend street wear youngsters with the fashion focused Instagram account with more followers than you and of course disposable income. Fuccbois have a particular obsession with the New York fashion label Hood By Air. These brand loyal consumers are big believers in if you've got it flaunt it and they flagrantly yearn for online acceptance through not only Instagram double taps but also recognition from sites like VFILESFour pins and YouTube subscribers.

Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver named their Autumn/Winter 2014 collection "FUCCBOI" in an effort to reclaim the word similar to Kanye West's effort to reclaim the confederate flag through his Yeezus Tour merchandise last year. Oliver's friend A$AP Rocky entered hip hop with a bang and brought a return to the fashion conscious rapper. In 2013 Rocky said "Hood by Air/I started that" on his song "Angels" where essentially he proclaims himself as the leader of the fuccbois but not actually being a fuccboi himself. Essentially Rocky wants all fuccbois to acknowledge him for bringing Hood By Air the cultural capital it has today.

In October 2014 A$AP Rocky released "Multiply" with an accompanied video which includes the lyric "HBA shit is weak/you can keep that". Rocky's aim here is to separate the fuccboi culture from their beloved brand Hood By Air resulting in him having a increased cultural influence and ultimately meaning more of his merchandise, albums and tour tickets being sold. How did fuccbois respond? By posting pictures of themselves burning Hood By Air t-shirts that cost $200 on Twitter for acceptance from Rocky and his fellow A$AP Mob members and they got it via retweets and comments.

Fuccboi culture is here to stay even though it will never reach its 2013 peak again. The defining feature that separates brand loyalists from fuccbois are not only the brands they choose but also their awkward demeanor and the longing for acceptance from the figure they see responsible for moving the culture forward. Who will the validation seeking fuccbois choose as their leader and holder of the most fuccboi cultural capital? It's between Oliver who rejects the strict notions of gender and sexuality or Rocky who embodies today's Harlem youth culture. If Oliver is adopted by fuccboi culture as their cult leader we could see a prominently young and middle class section of society also take on Oliver's less traditional ideas of gender and sexuality. On the other hand, if Rocky's Multiply is successful then we could see Rocky become an even bigger star and perhaps even become another rap rock star to join the likes of Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake. Time will tell and the answer will probably be found on Twitter.

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