Volcano Surfing And 8 Other Adventure Holidays You've Never Heard Of

Fancy getting away from it all for a bit? Try volcano surfing in Nicaragua or perhaps some nice relaxing tectonic diving in Iceland.
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Volcano Surfing, Nicaragua

Surfing the ‘ring of fire’ in western Nicaragua involves strapping your feet into a specially-adapted snowboard and riding still-warm volcanic ash to the bottom of Cerro Negro. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of the wind in your hair as you navigate the black slopes with some of the most spectacular scenery in Nicaragua in the distance.

Quad Biking Safari, Botswana

In Botswana, the traditional safari has recently been revolutionized; with the emergence of quad biking safaris. Navigating Botswana’s salt flats on a quad allows you to get up close and personal with the wildlife creating an adrenaline rush you won’t experience anywhere else.

Parajetting, Spain

With a small jet attached to your back and a glider wing overhead, Parajetting is a unique way to see the Pyrenees. With the flexibility to take off anywhere and speeds reaching up to 60 miles per hour, this is a white-knuckle sport with a difference. Just don’t forget, you’ll have touch down again at some point.

Zip lining, India

The Flying Fox tour through Delhi is an alternative way to experience the ancient city. You’re securely harnessed to ultra-strong steel zip wires and attached to a pulley to propel you at high speed over the historic sights below.

River floating, Finland

Fully equipped with water-tight dry suits (to keep you nice and warm), river floating involves jumping into the fast flowing water of a Finnish river and bobbing down through the rapids, giving you an alternative view of the stunning Scandinavian scenery.

Blo-karting, Iceland

Sit back in your three-wheel kart and let your sail do the work for you. No previous experience is required, just pick up a handful of black lava sand to determine the direction of the wind, and you’re good to go. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be reaching speeds up to 40mph (64 km) and you’ll be ready to takeoff.

Tectonic diving, Iceland

Diving doesn’t always have to be about coral reefs. Head to Iceland where you can descend into the deep to find yourself between two tectonic plates. Trade bright coral and tropical fish for eerily still water and rugged rocks, as well as the unique feeling of balancing yourself between the walls of two continents.

Heli-bungee jumping over a volcano, Chile

Take one of the most thrilling adventure sports to another level by jumping out of a hovering helicopter into the Villarrica volcano in Chile. Just before you think you’ve had it your bungee cord will snap you away from the bubbling lava below. Talk about the ultimate rush.

Heli-surfing, New Zealand

Takeoff in your helicopter with your surf board strapped to the side of the craft. Flying over glaciers, waterfalls and rainforests, you’ll touch down on some of the best hidden beaches in New Zealand. Set off from the beach to reach the deserted reefs or simply jump on in from the helicopter to ride a few waves before flying off in search of new breaks.

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