Arsenal Fans: There's Another Twist In The Khedira Transfer Tale

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Khedira To Arsenal Back On?

Sami Khedira really is playing hard to get with Arsene Wenger this summer. Apparently the move could be back on, according to talkSPORT.

Wenger started making amorous glances towards the German midfielder at the start of the transfer window, and at first all seemed rosy. Khedira was set to become yet another of Wenger’s completely out of character big money signings. Then dark clouds formed over the relationship, apparently Ancelotti said that he still wanted Sami, that he took back everything he had said about him not being needed. So Wenger went away, and started looking for something younger, preferably from Southampton.

Now it’s all back on, and Wenger’s heart must be soaring. As Bayern might, or might not be, circling for a free transfer next summer, Real Madrid want Arsenal to spend loads of money on the World Cup winner now. Would Arsene take him back? Probably, he’s better than what they've got now anyway.


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