Leeds: Cellino Loves This Club, Our Fans & Will Deliver What We Crave

Bates sucked us dry, GFH ripped off the flesh, Cellino will bring the club back to life, feed the beast and take us to the promised land.
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Leeds: Cellino Loves This Club, Our Fans & Will Deliver What We Crave

Yesterday, the first official day of Massimo Cellino's reign at Leeds United, was a typical day in the history of our club, a roller-coaster of disgust, optimism, bitter disappointment & hope.


It started with disgust as the full extend of the rape & pillage committed by Bates & GFH as the accounts were published and forensically examined. There is more smoke & mirrors in them than an old fashioned funfair, between them, GFH & Bates manipulated, massaged & cheated, they put the gerry into gerrymandering.

The GFH plan from day one was to flip ASAP, they failed miserably & begged, stole & borrowed all the way. The accounts represent first 6 month's of ownership, GFH took a business dying on it's arse under Bates and killed it stone dead, good job fellas!

2013/14 numbers will be disastrous, the only good thing is that Haigh & GFH will be long gone.

Cellino, the master of understatement said :"GFH aren't bad people but I tell you this, they have not done a good job running the club."

Bates, GFH & Haigh are guilty men who treated a great institution with contempt for their own profit and even failed to sell to a buyer approved by the evil manipulator. An old bearded man was seen in the Beeston area chasing a hefty young man with Hollywood teeth screaming "you had one f***ing job...."


"We have the fans, we have the stadium, the rest we can fix" - Massimo Cellino.

Yesterday was the most significant in our recent history, the start of a new, crazy, charismatic, crotch grabbing, Cellino inspired cornucopia of a future with an Italian flavour.

Bates sucked us dry, GFH ripped off the flesh, Cellino will bring the club back to life, feed the beast and take us to the promised land. He must see Leeds like a young Gina Lollobrigida: beautiful, with massive potential despite the huge investment needed & debt mountain. He saw our history and potential Cellino fell in love with the sleeping giant, he despises GFH.

Cellino admitted to the Sun this morning 'this job is bigger than I thought'.


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Bitter disappointment

The team, demotivated, poorly managed, disspirited, rag tag, clueless didn't turn up last night to perform in front of 2,000 fans who sold out the away end and made all the noise.

McDermott did a sterling job of proving himself to Cellino, a f***ing masterclass in cluelessness.

Eddie Gray, a football purist was sad to say at half time that the only chance we had was to bring on the big fella and fight for the scraps, f*** me, those are Warnockesque tactics.

He was aghast at the pathetic lack of cohesion, effort or clue on the pitch, at two nil down he said "If Watford stepped up the pace they'd murder us" They did, and scored the third.

Phil Hay tweeted "You don't deserve the wages" coming from the away end. This is truly a team without a cause.

The players should be embarrassed & ashamed, what a disgrace, clear em all out, apart from McCormack, nobody else in the squad looks fit to wear the shirt.

The manager looks a broken man, this job is too big for him and the players are too small for the club.

Worse than under Warnock, that is a damning indictment on McDermott & the players, 63 goals conceded, only 3 worse defensively, 14 points in 66, 5 games left, McDermott wants characters, he should start by looking in the f***ing mirror.


"Cellino was straight out of the ground at full-time & off back up the motorway to Leeds. Work starts tomorrow…."

We need a top quality manager/coach, big money for big results, time to fight our way out of the rut, we need to break the cycle of mediocrity, the club has not had a proper manager for too long, radical change will bring radical improvement, it is the only way. Imagine if we had a manager like Brian McDermott at Leeds Rhinos, a tough, professional, motivator, successful, who can design and execute a plan, we can dare to dream.

Cellino seems hell bent on going solo, Farnan looks a bit daft after last week's media push, we need a massive revenue boost which he or a similar group can deliver, maximising sponsorship is crucial to complying with FFP, we must substantially increase commercial revenue. Together Leeds offers great experience, they look an ideal partner, what the relationship would be is Cellino's call. Whatever happens a strong, experienced commercial arm of the business, delivering big numbers must be an integral part of the masterplan.

Cellino is in love with the club, our tradition our army of fans and our potential, his ego & vision will deliver what we crave, it's sure to be emotional! Cellino loves the idea of fulfilling a dream to make a club succeed with a big fan base and a good stadium, which he couldn't do in Italy, Leeds United is the biggest team in the Championship by a country mile and one of the top half dozen in the country with the right investment.

Adam Pope said: "Spent 1 hour with Massimo Cellino. Charismatic, sharp, witty & has a clear idea on what's required to make Leeds successful. He's a player." The link to the interview is here.

Cellino feels he was invited to a party and when he turned up, pressie & card in hand, he wasn't welcomed, that pissed him off, now watch out anyone who stands in his way. He will be very hands on in every aspect of the business. It's going to be messy, there is a huge amount of work to do but Leeds United will be the winner and emerge on a sound footing with a proper owner.

He wants to get to the Premiership for the 2015/2016 season. Cellino is looking long term, he needs his vision and very deep pockets, it's going to exciting, nerve racking, scary and ultimately successful, resulting in Leeds United back at the top table of the Premiership.

Marching on together into a brave new future: marciare insieme in un nuovo coraggioso futuro.

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