The Engineered Garments Andover Corduroy Jacket Nails It

Dressing like a grown-up never looked so good.
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As the summer winds down (we had like three weeks of sunshine like, a month ago, remember?) it's time to start dressing like an adult again and this Engineered Garments jacket is just spot on.

A bit like a really fucking cool version of what Lisa's substitute wore in Lisa's Substitute (duh), that schoolteacher swag is perfect for Autumn and this khaki Eng Garms garm boasts a construction of 100% cotton, 14 Wale needlecord courdroy fabric which means it's a whole lot more subtle than that chunky shit your dad used to rock.

Not gonna lie, I had to look up what a Wale is. Apparently it's a really shit rapper who squandered one ace mixtape by shitting out album after album of charmless musical mulch and also the name of those vertical ridges in the fabric. The more Wales, the thinner the ridge. Thin ridges are great apparently.

It's like the opposite of crisps.

The AW14 Engineered Garment Khaki Andover Jacket is available to buy on Oi Polloi now.

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