This Day In The Rolling Stones: The Must Have App For Any Stones Nerd

If you're a die hard fan of the Stones, this is the app for you. Trivia, facts, features; it's got the lot and who knows; you may learn a thing or two about the greatest rock n' roll band in history.
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If you're a die hard fan of the Stones, this is the app for you. Trivia, facts, features; it's got the lot and who knows; you may learn a thing or two about the greatest rock n' roll band in history.


The Stones, what can you say? Well a lot actually, and the latest app by the wizards at ‘’This Day In Music” has proved it, as they have already done with Pink Floyd, Classic Rock, and Led Zeppelin. The Stones are simply, after 50 years, the greatest Rock and Roll Band in the world to quote Sam Cutler, and are still going strong. How they are still alive is a mystery that only Doctors can work out, of course Brian Jones was a fatality, but depending on which book you read, he was murdered.

Unless you live on Mars, you will know that they are back in the news for their 50th anniversary concerts, guests, and are still courting controversy and adulation in equal amounts, with release of the Crossfire Hurricane Documentary, a new Greatest Hits Album, GRR! and extortionate ticket prices for for all, The O2 concerts prices for example, range anywhere from 95 up to 950 quid. The criticism provoked Jagger to come up with a classic at the second O2 ‘We got fined a hundred thousand dollars for playing too long on Sunday” he told the audience “Wassat then?....The cost of ten seats?”

What is good about this App is that you can literally punch in a date, from the last 50 years, and read where exactly where they were, where they were playing, who’d been arrested, who was dead etc, for a Stones Nerd, this is Heaven. The closest you will get to facts like these is in Bill Wyman’s book ‘Stone Alone’ where he seems to have an uncanny memory of practically every day, especially how many ‘chicks’ he’d shagged, between 1963-1965, he says 278, Jones, 130, Jagger, 30, Keith, 6, Charlie, 0, but to be honest the book is boring. He should have been an Accountant, he’s obviously good at figures.

Part of the many features of the App, is the Stones quiz, 300 hundred questions, ten at a time, try the quiz, I thought I knew it all, I didn’t.


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There’s Stones Trivia, for example did you know that Keith Richards passed out at Mick’s wedding to Bianca, in the South Of France wearing a Nazi uniform?

Further back, allegedly Mick had the sexy time with Brian Jones, and later with Brian’s girlfriend, Pat Andrews back in the early days in Edith Grove, Chelsea.

There is also an intricate look into the making of their famous songs, under ‘Song Notes.’ For me personally, all of the Sticky Fingers album, ‘Sway’ especially, where Mick Taylor really showed his worth, and ‘Can you hear me knocking’ a Keef Riff from Planet G Chord, and also a plethora Album Crtiques, covering the entire gamut.

Then you get to the Stones Store, and Extras, if you want ringtones and wallpaper and direct links to some songs you may not have got, through i-tunes. All links to the band members websites are included as well and over one hundred photo images from over the years.

It takes a labour of Love to create this homage to certain bands, the web designers and writers know their stuff. They have obviously read as many Stones based books as I have. I’m not a salesman, I couldn’t give away food to starving people, but the attention to detail and facts on this app is worth checking out. It is a site for Music Lovers, especially for people who want this stuff at their fingertips.

For performances/documentary material/videos, watch this and try and avoid the Jimmy Saville compered performance however.

‘This day in the Rolling Stones’ app is available on iPhone, iPad and through iTunes