Liverpool: Does Lallana Signing Mean Sterling's Real Madrid Move Is On?

Could the Kop favourite be on his way to meet Bale in Madrid?
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Liverpool: Does Lallana Signing Mean Sterling's Real Madrid Move Is On?

Liverpool fans love Raheem Sterling. We all love Raheem Sterling.

He's gone from erratic winger with lightning pace to a genuine consistent threat, creative fulcrum and goalscorer... With electric pace. In short, kid's mad decent.

So mad decent, in fact, that - according to the Sunday Mirror - Real Madrid are on the hunt, seeing the young Englishman as a shock target this summer. Well, we say "shock" but perhaps we shouldn't be.

Real play a fast counter-attacking style and that's pretty much Sterling's style in trade, having always had the physical attributes for such a tactic but now boasting the technical prowess that Brendo has drummed into his side. That combined with the fact that Liverpool just signed Adam Lallana (a player who plays centrally, where Sterling has forged a role for himself) for a load off Southampton might mean that the deal is more feasible than one might think.

While we don't think Liverpool should sell, especially given how bloody young the dude is, we wouldn't put it past Rodgers - with Lallana being an objectively more technically-comfortable player than Sterling. Plus we'd expect Raheem to fetch around £30million, and that's no small potatoes.


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