Meghan Trainor Is The Most Fanciable Pop Star For Ages

And here's why...


Meghan Trainor is fantastic news for blokes everywhere. Not just because her song 'All About That Bass' is a big sugary slice of Doo-Wop that'll get stuck in your teeth for days like a warm Drumstick lolly, and is actually good enough to make it acceptable to be caught singing it in the shower or the van, but because she's the most fanciable pop star we've had for ages.

Iggy and Nicki are great and all, but you're seriously kidding yourself if you think you're gonna see either of them oiling up their pneumatic arses behind the counter at Greggs. Women like that just don't exist in real life: they're unattainable. But with Trainor there is that sneaking feeling that if music doesn't go well, she might, actually, possibly, in some twist of events, end up behind the ramp in your local, and that is a powerful thing to a man's brain.

She's the cheeky chip shop girl you told yourself you'd ask out one day, the Saturday girl in the barbers who you swear massages your head a bit more "sensually" than anyone else's. For the next video she might as well stick on a William Hills uniform and sing the football odds.

The song is about finding self-respect and not having to conform to false standards of beauty, and she makes a strong point for it. Team Meghan. Watch her video now or you'll regret it.